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So I went to see ‘Tomorrowland’ a couple of days ago: a film that has been heavily criticised for being overtly preachy in its message. However, in spite of this criticism, I respectfully disagree. Yes, the message it gives (of how we, as a species, just accept the possibility of our governments causing our imminent doom) is not exactly implicit but i surprising applaud the film for having the balls to shove such a controversial idea (to those who see nuclear war as our one and only possible future anyway) in our faces, especially coming from big corporate Disney. Society often has a habit of ignoring serious issues whenever some piece of media throws it in our faces, which I see as a bit like walking through a closed level crossing. The warning’s right there and we ignore it for being too loud. This film was giving a message that we could achieve so much more if we had the right people in charge: non-corrupted people of creativity, justice and equality. Okay, yes, so I’ve now admittedly become part of the outrageous preach, but that’s just what you do with something you believe in. Despite some of Tomorrowland’s other flaws, I certainly don’t think that it’s optimistic message, that the world can have a brighter future if everything that threatens that is just removed, is one of them.