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Tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent was the least fake it’s been for a while, especially proven by the medic shitting himself in the corner as a courageously careless lunatic gave deep-throat to a sword whilst climbing up a pole!

For the past few years of the show’s run, it has seemed to be horrendously manufactured in how they portrayed the contestant’s stories and judge’s chemistry and I just gave up watching it. Honestly, it seemed to be constructed from a survey of “things general normal average unspecial and overall non-existent people like to see”, dragging it down to the level of its Cowell-terpart, X Faxtor.

True, it still has its scripted between-takes moments and they still filter the auditions with a ‘bring on the best and the worst’ mentality, which is cruelly misleading for the bad acts. However, for its tenth series, BGT has returned to the more genuine roots it started with and is slowly-but-surely leaving its ‘fake-reality’ phase behind.