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‘The Lad Bible’, the online resurrection of 90s ladmags, has never been the most reliable source of information. Most likely the original source of the term ‘click-bait’, they often exaggerate aspects of a story to make them appear more exciting and, even more often, exaggerate a narrative out of absolutely nothing. They also seem to have a major identity crisis, posting a bizarre mixture of ‘we are the voice of reason’ and ‘check out these tits’ posts. Well, I’m a bit bored of it now, as this post really highlighted to me.

Y’see, whereas this interview was drawing attention towards the problems with the NHS that many are overlooking, most notably its underfunding, The Lad Bible saw it as a much more aggressive story called ‘junior doctor shuts down Piers Morgan’. Now, in the past, Piers Morgan has been an absolute doublebastard-twatburger. That was not the case in this interview. Now, unfortunately, this ethos around Morgan means that, in an interview where he was actually in favour of junior doctors, the LADs wanted to capitalise on the inner-burning twat of yesterday and present the claim he asks the doctor to give a response to, as his own disgusting opinion. ‘Everyone hate Piers Morgan’ is not the (primary) agenda of junior doctors, it is Lad Bible’s agenda to excite the rage of people who are trigger-happy on the like button! Don’t give these guys the time of day and support the real cause that the junior doctors are fighting for.

LINK: Junior Doctor Shuts Down Piers Morgan After He Suggested She’s Striking Out Of Greed