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The “angry face” Facebook emoticon strikes again, this time against what appears to be a lesbian couple featuring in a 5-second joke in the new ‘Finding Dory’ trailer which of course, according to the “this is how God intended us” side of the Internet, means that the movie is now called ‘Finding Lesbians’, is perverting the thoughts of children and the entire Pixar staff should be engulfed in hellfire.

I actually think, on behalf of those who actually understand that being gay is just another part of human variation which should be celebrated, that what they did with this clip is a great way to start peppering in same-sex couples into family films. In the clip, the gag is an octopus posing as a baby, to which the implied couple are witnesses to. Whether they’re lesbian or not is not even the topic of the clip and that’s brilliant because it introduces same-sex couples as a social norm that isn’t unusual anymore and not something to respond to like “look, that’s a lesbian couple!” It’s so subtle that it’s hard to believe that the homophobes still picked it up on their ‘cleanse-the-gaysdar’, well, apart from the fact the media then ran the headlines ‘LESBIANS TO FEATURE IN FINDING DORY’.

But, homophobic whines of defeat aside, this was a great way to start putting same-sex couples into the landscape of what children see of our world through the cinema. Also, with the film’s protagonist famously being voiced by quite possibly one of the most famous lesbians in the industry, Finding Dory is a more than appropriate movie for Pixar to usher in a new era of acceptance of diversity in the family film.