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LINK HERE – Orlando Shooting

Is it worth the right to bear arms? Is it really fucking worth all this loss? Those who defend this can’t cover it up by simply responding “fucking goodie-goodie liberals” anymore. Yesterday, a 22-year-old who had found the rare gift of an opportunity to make a musical career and have a great life had it all wasted by a bullet. Now, the futures of so many have also been torn away and, unlike the former, we’ll most likely never know any of their names.

To worsen the blow, it’s unlikely that this same group of people will even acknowledge this as a homophobic attack as their ideology has the same intolerance for the LGBT+ community as the person who they condemn for their “Islamic Agenda.” This Islamic EXTREMIST agenda – not the agenda of the whole 1.5 billion-strong faith as a whole – shares a lot of similarities to their own and the American media cower to appease that crowd. I say American as, thankfully, BBC News reported it as “there has been a shooting at a gay club at the hands of a man in Orlando,” as opposed to “a muslim terrorist attack has struck a night club.” The whole story shouldn’t be covered to appease people of hate and intolerance, over the masses that have the intelligence to acknowledge homosexuality as basic human variation.

Yet, after all these many instances of loss, it is a “goodie-goodie” proposition that you should prevent these opportunities for clearly medically unstable murders to shoot people over and over again. “It is the person behind the gun,” there wouldn’t be an opportunity to be behind a gun if it wasn’t fucking there in the first place.

Congress, if you can ban Kinder Surprise to prevent toddlers from choking on a yellow pod that couldn’t even fit into their mouth, you can at least restrict the weapons that kills schools of them down on an annual basis and show that you aren’t still bound by slave-trade era laws. Right now, it looks like fucking otherwise and I’m glad I live in the UK. ‪#‎dropthegun‬