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Here’s why I DISAGREE with a post that I saw on Facebook that said “Like if you agree with bringing back public hanging of pedophiles and rapists”:

If you would enjoy watching someone being so graphically killed , then what makes you any better than the person that you want dead? Honestly, letting the f*cker live in a cell with nothing else to think about but the crime that they’ve committed is a far bigger punishment! Living with such a burden as that may even lead them to kill themselves, if its death you’re wanting for them.

Also, the fact that you want it to be “public hanging” shows that you haven’t considered the fact that watching people being killed is a very powerful thing for the mind and can really psychologically f*ck people up badly! If someone watches this death on a regular basis, slowly learning to gain pleasure from people being killed, they may find it all quite addictive! What may this person soon become? A murderer, perhaps? By executing psychologically disturbed people, you’re simply creating more! Execution is not healthy for anyone’s mind, case closed.